Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Buck Pizza

Today I went on a fabulous adventure with Taya and her kindergarten class to 5 Buck Pizza. If you have never ordered a pizza from there, you must! Its yummy. The kids where so cute and very polite. I love to see that awe in there eyes when they are learning something new. They got to make there very own pizza and eat it while they where there. I was in charge of the drink machine, most of the kids wanted lemonade, root beer, or sprite. I had to laugh out loud when this cutie pie little girl asked for Diet Coke!! LoL, I wonder if her mom drinks it??? Funny story about Taya,,, I haven't  had the chance to go with her class all year, so when I told her I could go she was super excited! Last night we where talking about it and she said " Mommy you can't wear your hair in a bun tomorrow, you have to look cute! LOL I was dying. She is so hilarious!

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Claudine said...

That's a darling little pizza goer you have there. It's neat that you do things like that with her because she will be as old as you before you know it and you would have missed out on that experience.