Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Buck Pizza

Today I went on a fabulous adventure with Taya and her kindergarten class to 5 Buck Pizza. If you have never ordered a pizza from there, you must! Its yummy. The kids where so cute and very polite. I love to see that awe in there eyes when they are learning something new. They got to make there very own pizza and eat it while they where there. I was in charge of the drink machine, most of the kids wanted lemonade, root beer, or sprite. I had to laugh out loud when this cutie pie little girl asked for Diet Coke!! LoL, I wonder if her mom drinks it??? Funny story about Taya,,, I haven't  had the chance to go with her class all year, so when I told her I could go she was super excited! Last night we where talking about it and she said " Mommy you can't wear your hair in a bun tomorrow, you have to look cute! LOL I was dying. She is so hilarious!

Why- you- no- go- to- China- A- Go Go??

We have discovered a little hole in the wall chinese restaurant in Vegas called China A Go Go!! Oh my goodness it is divine, our new favorite!

Can we take him home? Please!!

Taya fell in love with this dog the other day at petco and now she can't quit talking about him. She said he would be better than having a horse. haha

Put Me In Coach

My awesome sister in law Paula sent me this picture the other night of Kenyon at his softball game with the caption "Put me in coach"  LOL.. I love it!

Slowly Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Last Weekend Kenyon and I did our first Bike race in over a year. It was seriously so much fun! I drove to Vegas and met Kenyon there.The race was called Tour De Cure. It was a fundraiser ride for diabetes. What a great cause right!We also rode with our friend Del and his son Dillan, they actually invited us.. I'm so glad we are getting back into it. We kind of fell off the biking train after Kenyon's accident and where both a little gun shy to get back on and ride. People are crazy drivers out there ya know! Anyways we loved every bit of the ride. The weather was amazing and the after party was fun, Elvis even made an appearance:)

Not Quite Sure What To Think About This Sport???

So, We decided to try something new this year, Soccer! Hmmm, where do I begin? I have never played the sport and know nothing about the rules,but  Mataya was stoked to play so we decided what the heck, if anything she will get her exercise.... The first few games where pretty painful to sit through mainly because this is the most frustrating sport in the world and the spring weather here is nasty! But the season is almost over now and it has gotten a little more enjoyable. Taya is hilarious to watch, between numerous cartwheels and zoning out on the field, I'm not sure soccer will be her thing but who knows. I will say that she is freaking fast when she wants to be! I'm thinking track and field?? And look at her in that uniform! So Dang Cute!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


This spring chick turned 35 yesterday!! Isn't he good lookin??
Happy Birthday "BUD"
That's short for "Beuford Uen Davis"